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ENGINEERING 190 Project Proposal Written Report Fall 2007 Project: ________________________________________________________________________________ Reviewer: _______________________________________________________________________________ Topic Points /10 /15 /10 /10 /10 /5 /15 /10 /5 /10 Total /100 Problem Statement. Is the problem clearly defined with limitations on scope? Is there sufficient evidence that the problem to be solved is real? Research. Has the team done background research on the problem to be solved. Have they identified pre-existing art (patents or other solutions)? Have they looked for and found potential competition to their intended solution? If other art or competition has been located, have flaws to existing solutions been located, or could these work to solve the problem at hand with little or no modification? Market Data. Has the customer been identified. Has the user been identified. How large is the market? How large is the demand for the results of your project? Specifications.
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