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Syllabus_ENGS_190_F07 RCL edits - ENGS 190 Engineering...

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ENGS 190 Engineering Design Methodology 2007F Tu Th 2:00 – 3:50 pm Spanos Aud. Objectives: To develop the skills of a professional engineer as evidenced by students: identifying a need of society inherent in a project; designing a component, system, or process to satisfy the need; applying engineering concepts from previous courses to the design project; designing and conducting experiments; analyzing and interpreting data; determining the economic implications of their design; effectively functioning on a team; applying ethical principles to a case study and the course design project; communicating effectively to other professionals through written and verbal reports; analyzing the impact of technology on society through an essay; beginning the practice of life-long learning through an analysis of new technology; using modern engineering tools in the design process. Instructors: Professor Ron Lasky, 119 MacLean, 646-9197 Professor Doug Van Citters, C113A, 646-6406 Mentors: Professor John Collier, C119G, 646-2355, Professor Robert Graves, 327 Murdough, 646-6475 Admin: Mrs. Cooper, 332 Murdough, 646-3546 Requirements: 1. Project proposal: oral and written (10% + 25% of grade) 2. Project progress report: oral and written (15% + 40% of grade) 3. B.E. Essay (10 % of grade) 4. Attendance at lectures is expected Lectures: Room 100 Cummings (Spanos Auditorium) Tu, Th 2:00-3:50 PM, X-Hour is W 4:15 – 5:20 and some meetings may occur then. Attendance is expected and will be taken.
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This note was uploaded on 05/01/2008 for the course ENGS 190 taught by Professor Lasky during the Fall '07 term at Dartmouth.

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Syllabus_ENGS_190_F07 RCL edits - ENGS 190 Engineering...

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