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ENGS 190/290 Purchasing Instructions John Pate Accounting Office ( Room 111) . All purchases must be channeled through the Accounting office as described in the next section. The Accounting Office cannot track individual or team expenditure totals. Each team must keep an accounting of expenses. Purchasing Procedure Each team may spend up to a total of $500 per term on purchases of supplies and any travel, which are essential for the success of the project. Thayer School will reimburse .485¢ per mile and the costs of meals, up to $10.00 per person, related to the travel. Travel Vouchers must be signed and approved by the Faculty Advisor. To avoid confusion, it is imperative that the following procedure be followed for all purchases. Depending upon the cost of the materials and expected source of supply, one of the following procedures will apply: PROCUREMENT CREDIT CARD A Dartmouth College credit card is available in the Accounting Office. Please do not take the credit card until you are ready to place the order. When you receive the credit card, your
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