Chemistry and Medicine

Chemistry and Medicine - Abstract Chemistry is essentially...

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Abstract: Chemistry is essentially the building block of all things. Both living and non-living things are made up of atoms and molecules. Biology would not exist without chemistry, because all things biologists study are made of what chemists study. All living creatures rely on compounds in the water, air and food in order to live. Modern medicine owes much to chemistry as well, because without the discovery of the effects of chemicals on the body, drugs would not exist. Biology is the study of life and how it interacts with other biotic and abiotic features of the planet. Yet biology could not exist without the sub-microscopic world of chemistry. There are several areas of biology that chemistry compliments, including medicinal chemistry, bio-organic chemistry, pharmacology, genetics, and biochemistry.
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Each and every aspect of this world is created through chemistry; atoms and molecules make up compounds, which in turn create more complex systems, such as chemicals organ systems or entire organisms. The human body for example, is made up of different compounds in the form working together in order to allow the body to function properly. Nearly all things on Earth has something to do with chemistry. For example, any
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Chemistry and Medicine - Abstract Chemistry is essentially...

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