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Final Exam Study Session - Final Exam Study Session 1.)...

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Final Exam Study Session 1.) They all have opposing contradictory parts. Petwo (soft tempered - helps you be patient, sometimes you can’t change what happens “bear your burden”) and Rada (hot tempered- About action, spiteful, the ones that actually punish people, if you don’t honor rada they will bring misfortune, by giving rum and hot pepper, “change your burdens” stand up for yourself) Kouzinn (family man) and Kouzen (market woman, hot tongued, calls in debt when maggie needs money) Ogou – has 7 different forms Ezili – pg 231 – danto’s anger can exceed… pg 222 The 3 Ezili… Danbala – rainbow and serpent 2.) It’s one of the story chapters – 3.) Spirit of Death, 3 realms he presides over Sex, Death, Humor. Deals with children, when you think of children you think of life which. “You’re born to die” it’s a way to cope with it. Haitians rationalize death with humor. Pg. 330 - The Gede (there are many of them)…. Gede rides Alourdes most often. Gede is most important to people in new york because it is the most dynamic spirit, can adapt to any context which is why he is prevalent in immigrant communities. New female counterpart – Ti Malis (358-359) Every year there is a Gede parade where everyone walks the streets ridden by gede. 4.) Refer 3 5.) You black out when ridden by a spirit. Ezili represents mother – when one mother lets children become malnourished Ezili comes out and says something about it. Allows open discussion of things that would be otherwise unacceptable 6.) Bad luck in Haiti is viewed as happening because someone doesn’t serve their spirits which requires you to be involved in your family unit. You have agency to have good luck. Alourdes says bad chans (chance) means you are naïve or lazy. 7.) She fell ill with pneumonia 2 years prior, danbala came and gave her a backrub in exchange for serving Danbala. She was visited by Danbala as a snake two years later to collect. 8.) Danbala Wedo occupies the highest rank of the spirit hierarchy, oldest and most respected. Ayida Wedo is the rainbow, the wife, (serpent and the rainbow) pg. 274 9.) Married Ogou and Danbala – Ogou represents certain personalities and Danbala represents others in order to keep counterbalance 10.)Red Panties
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11.)Mimose’s husband was abducted and murdered days after being abducted then she got
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Final Exam Study Session - Final Exam Study Session 1.)...

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