Review #2 - Nick Wyatt MUH 218 Review #2 If you're looking...

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Nick Wyatt MUH 218 Review #2 If you’re looking for a relaxed evening of standard jazz tunes, then the Jerry Tolson Quintet will certainly not disappoint. Originally listed as the Jerry Tolson Quartet, this jazz group has added a member, and become an overall great jazz group. The Jerry Tolson Quintet performed on Saturday October 6, 2007 at the Jazz Factory, which is located at 815 W Market Street in downtown Louisville. The Jerry Tolson Quintet consists of Jerry Tolson on piano as well as vocals, David Clark on saxophone, Ansyn Banks on trumpet, Dwight Dozier on drums, and Natalie Boeyink on string bass, as well as electric bass. Together, these five members put together a great performance. The songs played by the Jerry Tolson Quintet were very similar to ones that have been played in class. There was a blend of fast paced and slow paced, and many songs had a swing feel to them. In almost all of the songs there was trumpet solo and many times a saxophone solo was included as well. In addition to the swing genre being represented, there was also a representation of blues style and bossa nova. This collection of styles led to an interesting performance that really had you wondering what type of music was going to be played next. By mixing up the song styles, I felt really engaged in the show and almost on the edge of my seat
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This note was uploaded on 05/01/2008 for the course MUH 218 taught by Professor Jazz during the Spring '08 term at University of Louisville.

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Review #2 - Nick Wyatt MUH 218 Review #2 If you're looking...

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