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Unformatted text preview: CALENDAR Aubertin--Fall 2007 WEEK 1 -- AUGUST 27 WEEK 2 -- SEPTEMBER 3 MONDAY Diagnostic HOLIDAY WEDNESDAY Syllabus & Assignments Ch. 5--Ethics in the Technical Workplace Ethics Assignment Ch. 3--Readers and Contexts of Use Ch. 9--Using Plain and Persuasive Style Ch. 16--Preparing and Giving Presentations Ethics Speech FRIDAY Ch. 2--Technical Writing Process Today Proposal Project WEEK 3 -- SEPTEMBER 10 WEEK 4 -- SEPTEMBER 17 WEEK 5 -- SEPTEMBER 24 Ch. 6--Persuasion and Planning Ch. 8--Organizing and Drafting DUE: Ethics Paper Ch. 19--Technical Descriptions Technical Description Assignment Visit Client Site? Interview of Client in class? Mentor Visit? WEEK 6 -- OCTOBER 1 WEEK 7 -- OCTOBER 8 WEEK 8 -- OCTOBER 15 Ch. 10--Designing Documents and Interfaces Ch. 12--Revising and Editing for Usability DUE: Technical Description Illumin Website Illumin Call for Papers Ch. 11--Creating and Using Graphics Engineering Librarian Visit Illumin Editor Visit Ch. 7--Researching and Managing Information DUE: Ethics Speech Conferences: Illumin Paper DUE: Ethics Speech Conferences: Illumin Paper Ch. 4--Working in Teams Ch. 21--Proposals Ch. 17--Letters and memos Ch. 22--Activity Reports WEEK 9 -- OCTOBER 22 DUE: Ethics Speech Conferences: Illumin Paper WEEK 10 -- OCTOBER 29 DUE: Ethics Speech Conferences: Illumin Paper WEEK 11 -- NOVEMBER 5 DUE: Illumin Paper Portfolio Assignment Practice Proposal Presentations WEEK 12 -- NOVEMBER 12 WEEK 13 -- NOVEMBER 19 WEEK 14 -- NOVEMBER 26 Practice Proposal Presentations Practice Proposal Presentations No Class? Practice Proposal Presentations HOLIDAY Final Proposal Presentations DUE: Ethics Speech Review Review Portfolio Assignment Final Proposal Presentations WEEK 15 -- DECEMBER 3 WEEK 16 -- DECEMBER 10 Review Proposal Document DUE: Proposal Document DUE: Portfolio ...
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