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Matthew Chapman SCOM 101 Outside Speech Analysis For my outside speech I went to see Jodie Sweetin, maybe better known as Stephanie Tanner from the TV show “Full House”. Jodie was speaking on her battle with drugs and alcohol and how she is straitening out her life. ASI hosted the event and it is also part of a True Life series where she is traveling to colleges all over the country. I don’t know how it was advertised other then I read about it in the paper, and I saw it on ASI’s website. The audience was mainly cal poly college students, and it was a casual event at the Chumash auditorium. It was definitely an informative speech, and she was introduced by an ASI member and she walked up from the back. To me it had an effect because she is definitely considered famous and she walked right past all the students with no one with her. I liked how she didn’t jump right into the speech and asked how we were doing. Overall she had very good eye contact and did not appear nervous. There was also some interference that she handled very well. An ASI radio went off and she made a quick joke and was back on track. It didn’t seem memorized because she handled distraction so well, and would throw in jokes that only fit this occasion. The one time she did get off track, she took a breath brushed it off and just kept with the speech. I also think it was a pretty good time, any
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outside speech - Matthew Chapman SCOM 101 Outside Speech...

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