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Matthew Chapman ANTH 263g 3/28/08 Family and Marriage How many people know what a lineage is? How many people know about there third cousin? Well these things may seem like strange questions so some of us, or why would you even care? Well in the Chinese culture some of there Family and Marriage practices can be rather specific and it also just so happens that they use the lineage system in there villages from the village founder down. Most of us probably know some information about our great grandparents, or maybe even great great grandparents, but probably nothing written down or known beyond that. This is very different in the Chinese culture. So before jumping into the traditional family and lineage I am going to explain some terms, and core features that I learned from the films The Secret of the Stone , and Marriage Maoism, and Modernity . The first film The Secret of the Stone focused on the Stone and lineage facts. Well first off you might not know what I mean by the stone. Well in the old times in the temple they would trace the lineage from the village founder down on a stone, following the matrilineal system. They also had the lineages on scrolls, but when communism came into power they burned all the scrolls but the stones where hidden in the temple. So later when things calmed down they used there stones to re trace the lineage back onto scrolls. A
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chinese_family - Matthew Chapman ANTH 263g Family and...

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