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Chapman 1 Matthew Chapman English 134-12 9 October 2006 Only God Can Judge Me “Tupac sold over 33.5 million records throughout his career,” and even after his death his record sales continue, “It has been five years since the death of Tupac Shakur, yet his last album released in February of 2001 sold over three million copies in three months” (Before I Wake). This is evidence of the degree to which Tupac’s music reached out to society, along with his television interviews, magazine articles, and making it into the news many times. His words portray what is going on in the ghetto and why blacks are fighting back. Did they really have a choice? Was there another way? Yes, some made it out of the ghetto in an honest way, but for most they were stuck in this poverty with no honest way out. Tupac told his life story through his music, told us about what he saw day to day, the good and evil. Crime, drugs, and sex were all part of his life, and a lot of other lives in the ghetto. Telling the truth to the world is a positive influence in itself, and he went beyond that. Tupac Shakur was locked up with his mom before he was even born. Then shortly after his mother was released from prison, he was born on June 16 th , 1971. His mother was a very active member in the Black Panthers, along with his real father who was not there to raise him. The male influence in his life at a young age was his stepfather, “My stepfather was a gangster, a straight up street hustler. He took care of me, gave me money” (Resurrection). When he was young, Tupac was very quiet and withdrawn. In his spare time he liked to read, write poetry, and keep up to date in his diary. These things really expanded his mind. How many kids can say they read and write for fun in today’s world? Tupac then got the opportunity to go to the Baltimore
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2pac essay - Chapman 1 Matthew Chapman English 134-12 9...

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