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Matthew Chapman History 200 Shammas TA:David Hiroshima and Nagasaki Some have been “Calling America the eternal enemy of humanity and the bombing a sadistic atrocity,” (Los Angeles Times Aug. 9 1945) others have said “Before atomic bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese might have brushed aside such a warning as a bluff” (Los Angeles Times Aug 11, 1945). Well after sampling the Los Angeles Times from August 6 1945 to August 1946 on accounts and editorial comments about dropping of the largest bombs of the time, equal to 20,000 tons of TNT, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which were two carefully selected cities in Japan, I could see the discussion definitely did evolve and various viewpoints arise. There were a couple of noticeably reoccurring themes that I noticed which were at first United States citizens very happy that the bomb seemed to have done it job, or some negative comments to the United States for using such a weapon, and there was also skepticism about the bomb from others like was the city just poorly constructed or was the bomb just that powerful. To get an idea “For the second time in four days Japan felt the stunning effects of the terrible weapon” (Los Angeles Times Aug 9, 1945) these two bombs were dropped very close together. At this time the viewpoint was stuck on yes the bomb was a terrible weapon but it did its job and that’s that. Japan still hadn’t surrendered and America made it clear they were willing to drop another. “The 11 th largest city of Japan, Nagasaki, was struck by the same type of weapon which crushed buildings like match boxes at Hiroshima and killed almost every living thing in its range,” (Los Angeles Times Aug 9, 1945) These articles which were written very close to the
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Hiroshima_Nagasaki - Matthew Chapman History 200 Shammas...

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