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Weston 1 Katie Weston Prof. Sargent Writing 005 4 December 2006 Injustice in a Small Town: The Wrongful Conviction of Ron Williamson Southern Oklahoma is very much a part of the Bible belt; it is a good place to settle down and raise a family. It is not a place known for its crime rate and criminal proceedings. However, after a highly publicized murder in the 1980’s took place in one small town named Ada, everything changed. In The Innocent Man , John Grisham talks about Ron Williamson, a man known for his odd behavior and frequent run-ins with the Ada police, who was wrongly convicted for the murder (212). Ron Williamson sat on death row for twelve years after being convicted on the sole evidence of junk science, jailhouse snitches, and a bizarre dream testimony he was coerced into telling; in 1999 he was exonerated on all charges through DNA evidence (Grisham, 312). Ada, Oklahoma is a place where time moves real slow. At dawn the farmers in the country are outside feeding the hogs and cows and collecting eggs from the chicken coop. The children wake after some time has passed and slowly trudge to the bus stop. In town, parents drive to work, while trying not to spill their coffee. Grandmothers sit on the porch and drink lemonade real slow, and grandfathers watch Jeff Foxworthy’s fishing show or the hunting channel and drink home-made ice tea. After school life is mostly about sports. In the fall the whole town shuts down for football, and in the spring if the baseball team is any good there might also be a good showing of folks. There is hardly any crime to speak of, other than an occasional burglary or the once a month meth lab bust.
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Weston 2 Ron Williamson was born with two sisters and very religious parents. It is traditional in Oklahoma for the youngest to be babied especially well, and the other siblings seem to accept it as a part of life. Ron was especially spoiled even into adulthood. He always wore expensive clothing, even if that meant his father had to buy his clothes at a second hand shop. He easily wheedled money out of his parents and his sisters, Renee and Annette, to buy things that he thought would make him popular, and he was popular. He was very gifted in baseball, and by his senior year in high school he knew he needed to transfer schools so that he could play on a better
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ronwilliamson - Weston 1 Katie Weston Prof Sargent Writing...

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