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CHRONOLOGICAL CONTRAST/ SEQUENCE ESSAY: Assignment #3 – Writing 5 Crime, the Criminal Mind and the Courtroom Professor Sargent Assignment due Monday, October 9 in class Turn in two hard copies – one for Professor Sargent and one for your critique partner On pages 363-374 of Snow Falling on Cedars , David Guterson presents Hatsue Miyamoto’s direct and cross-examinations. While the lawyers simply want her to divulge the facts about what happened the week before and day of Carl Heine’s death, Hatsue clearly does not feel that a recitation of the facts explains her position well. In this essay, you shall describe whether the adversarial system of fact finding undermines its purported truth seeking function. You will take a position, yes or no, on whether the adversarial system of fact finding undermines its purported truth seeking function, and use the sequence pattern to justify your position.
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Unformatted text preview: Your first paragraph is the introductory paragraph. Here you introduce your essay topic (your position). Your next paragraphs will support or condemn the adversarial court system’s method of fact finding as a means of finding what really happened (truth). These are called supporting paragraphs. You will end the essay with a conclusion paragraph that summarizes your points and closes your essay. The structure will be as follows: Intro paragraph . . . . (introduce your position and explain how you formulated it) First, . . . . Second (or next or additionally), . . . . Third, (or next or additionally), . . . . . Finally, . . . . . . Conclusion paragraph You shall type the essay in Times New Roman or Arial font, double-spaced with standard margins. The page limit is 2 pages. Staple all loose pages, please....
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