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PHYS 211 FINAL FALL 2004 Form A 56/1 1. Two boys with masses of 40 kg and 60 kg are holding onto either end of a 10 m long massless pole which is initially at rest and floating in still water. They pull themselves along the pole toward each other until they meet. When they do meet, the 40 kg boy will have moved approximately how far relative to a stationary 300 kg toad on the shore: A. 4.0 m B. 5.0 m C. 6.0 m D. 10 m E. You can't tell because you don't know how hard each boy pulls. 72/4 2. The symbol for infinity can be made out of two uniform circular wire loops of radius R and mass M as shown. What is its moment of inertia around an axis perpendicular to the page and through the point O? O A. 2MR 2 B. 4MR 2 C. 6MR 2 D. 8MR 2 E. 12MR 2 Page 1
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