4.23.2008 - Theory of Urban Space (Picture)- Logic to their...

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4.23.2008 Can I analytically criticize the government’s construction that it’s not reasonable? What would be the consequences what will determine? Education Labor Markets Incomes Neighborhood in which they live Tax Base that community experience Education Education production function Output= f(Inputs, Technology) Tech: What’s the process of education? How do you do it Vouchers Any children who is under certain age and lives in the government’s jurisdiction would get $7000 in education of voucher from the government. (Someone might get away with $7000 if they do not like the education system, so what if we have charter school?) Charter school 1 st question: If we had land in over there, would we be better off? Might we have been better off it was taken place in Europe, Japan… etc? Speculation 2 nd question: Even if it’s yes, is it okay to pair down all of that and move down all the way
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Unformatted text preview: Theory of Urban Space (Picture)- Logic to their behavior, Logic of Location- Individual Choice/Maximize their utilities- Aggregate into Markets In Central Places- NTP- Jobs- Resources- Markets- Econ of Scale- Preference (People who are rich wants bigger spaces) Urban structure changes (tech and trans) and it is an important factor to urban space In real world there were whole structure before the market—policies Construction structures, Zoning, Land use Jurisdictions who has legal authorities in what parts of space Tax Instruments Rent Controls/ Housing Price Interventions Biggest housing Intervention? Mortgage, FNMA Capital Market Housing Education who is responsible, who pays it Public housings on supply side, it’s not just the demand Transportation...
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4.23.2008 - Theory of Urban Space (Picture)- Logic to their...

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