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4.25. 2008 Japan U.S. Europe Lower Density Less Mass Transit More “Sprawl” More Home Ownership Higher Employment More Crime More “core” Abandonment More Diversity More Big Boy Retail U.S. has more spaces, resources, characteristics of people, etc. Navolia says those aren’t the only reason. We have different policies. Why? What are they key questions in policy? Transportation Private Public Price Choice Infrastructure Roads/highway highest infrastructure on transportation US had the average price/gallon for unleaded gasoline (price differentials), also taxing the lowest among other countries. Europe did not want people to drive so taxed it so much. This shows the differences in tax policies. Navoila says US use more cars than other countries. Each person is driving more in the US. In 1945 35% of urban trips were by Mass Transit. Today, only 3%. (in 1945, after the WWII, 1945 was not a best comparison b/c cars were not available) Also the different that it shaped? Policy that has contributed:
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