Exam 2 In Class Quizes - BSC 1005 Spring, 08 Quiz questions...

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BSC 1005 Spring, 08 Quiz questions – set #2 Page 1 In-class quiz questions LECTURES 10 – 20 Opinion-based questions are not included Lecture 10 1) What is the gene for human sex determination? a) Tay-Sachs gene b) SRY gene c) Turner gene d) Estradiol e) 21-hydroxlase 2) Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is the result of: a) Excess estrogen b) Excess testosterone c) Inadequate estrogen d) Inadequate testosterone Lecture 11 1) Which of the following structures in the fetus is the precursor of female genitalia: a) Wolffian ducts b) Mullerian ducts c) Fallopian tubes d) Seminal vesicles 2) CAIS (complete androgen insensitive syndrome) is due to the lack of: a) Estrogen production b) Testosterone production c) Testosterone receptor d) Estrogen receptor 3) A secondary sexual characteristic stimulated by estrogen is: a) Growth of the uterus b) Growth of facial hair c) Stimulation of libido d) Growth of the breasts e) All of the above 4) Which of the following substances is used by the body to make testosterone? a) Glucose b) ATP c) Cholesterol d) Leucine (an amino acid) Lecture 12 1) How is the sex of the male alligator determined? a) By the SRY gene b) By a Y-chromosome c) Incubation temperature of the egg d) Females become males when the dominant male dies Lecture 13 1) Females prefer the smell of T-shirts that had been worn by males with MHC proteins the same as their own. a)
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Exam 2 In Class Quizes - BSC 1005 Spring, 08 Quiz questions...

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