Exam 1 Study Guide - BSC 1005 Study Guide I Spring, 2008...

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BSC 1005 Study Guide I Spring, 2008 Page 1 Terms and concepts First Exam – Lectures 1 – 9 Cheung – Fundamental Concepts in Biology, Chapters 1 – 6 Comments about this study guide: I have listed many of the terms and concepts covered in the last lectures. Please note that this list is not comprehensive –I may ask questions on material that is not on this guide. However, I suspect that most of the exam question can be answered with this information. The overarching concepts in the course so far are: 1) How individual variation arises 2) The importance of genes and genetic diseases 3) The constituents of cells 4) The commonality of life 5) How viruses cause disease 6) The importance of the human genome project 7) Biotechnology and its effects on medicine and agriculture 8) How humans develop 9) How congenital defects arise 10) The basis and importance of sexual behavior Chapter 1: Introduction Cephalopod intelligence Mad cow disease Kuru Prions Chapter 2: Variations Monozygotic twins Dizygotic twins Inheritable traits Mendel’s Laws Independent assortment of traits Conditions needed for Mendal’s laws Watson & Crick 1953 DNA structure DNA bases (ATGC) Base pairing Double stranded Complementary strands Mitosis Daughter cells diploid Genetically identical Meiosis occurs in germ cells Î gametes Gametes = haploid # of chromosomes Haploid-Diploid cycle Sexual reproduction & genetic diversity Independent segregation of chromosomes # Gamete variations = 2 n Zygote combinations = product gamete variations Recombination Exchange of DNA Homologous chromosomes Lecture 3: Cells and molecules
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Exam 1 Study Guide - BSC 1005 Study Guide I Spring, 2008...

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