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P213 FINAL FALL 2004 Form A 1. One mole of an ideal gas expands slowly and isothermally at temperature T until its volume is doubled. The change of entropy per molecule of this gas for this process is: A. ln(2) / T B. 2 k C. zero D. k ln(2) E. k T ln(2) 2. The heat capacity of object B is twice that of object A. Initially A is at 300K and B is at 450K. They are placed in thermal contact and the combination is isolated. The final temperature of both objects is: 3. A 10 g ice cube at -10°C is placed in a lake whose temperature is 15°C. Calculate the change in entropy of the ice cube as it becomes water and reaches the lake temperature. A. 15.2 J/K B. 3.8 J/K C. 3.1 J/K D. 2.0 J/K E. 0.8 J/K Page 1
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