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Michael Barry POSC 60/ Section 1002 Dr. Armstrong May 2, 2008 Olympic Torch: Peace or Chaos When one sees the Olympic torch, he or she is suppose to think of peace, unity, and tranquility as all of the nations in the world get ready for friendly completive games against each another. But in our era, as one sees the torch they think of protests, corruption, and fraud as China is hosting the Olympic Games this year. The reason why people are protesting the Olympics is not because of steroids, dishonest athletes, or any extremes regarding the athletes, it is the country that is hosting it China. Even though many are protesting the Olympic torch, they are not disputing the torch bearers, but the country that is hosting the Olympic Games, China. They are angry at China, because of its policies in Tibet and overall human rights track record, which many see as unfair. One article that I obtained is from the Associated Press by Eric Talmadge, saying that many protested the Olympic Torch in Nagano. The article says on how some protestors yelled
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Michael_Barry_Olympic_Torch_Peace_or_Chaos[1] - Michael...

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