exp6 - Experiment 6 Spectroscopy Fall 2007 Name TA Emily...

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Experiment 6 – Spectroscopy Fall 2007 Name Emily Winslett Lab Day and Time Tuesday, 1:00 TA Duy Le Section 409 Documentation Lab Manual, Pre-lab Lecture Possible Points Points Received Introduction 10 Purpose of report Goals of the experiment Materials and Methods 20 Reference lab manual Described procedure for building spectroscope Described deviations from the procedure Results and Discussion 35 Inserted titles for tables Inserted graphs into template Inserted captions for each graph Showed complete sample calculations Summarized all data in tables Answered questions completely Error analysis Homework Questions 15 Laboratory Technique 20 TOTAL (100) TA Comments/Suggestions:
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C HEMISTRY 11L R EPORT T EMPLATE EXPT. Spectroscopy 6 Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to build a spectroscope to measure and compare the emission spectra of different light sources. The purpose of this lab report is to show how to determine the wavelength of different spectra and demonstrate how the wavelength can be used to determine energy of electrons. Once the energies of the electrons have been found, the transition of the electrons between energy levels can be found. In the lab, the wavelength was determined, so the frequency, energy, and other calculations could be made in the lab report. Materials and Methods The procedure for this experiment was taken from the Chemistry 101 Lab Manual. The spectroscope was made by first laying out a pizza box flat. The razor knife was used to cut the slits in the pizza box, and the corrugated cardboard was used as a cutting board. To create the entrance slit, the pizza box was cut 30 mm inside the left corner. It was about 10 mm wide and 30 mm high. The sighting hole was then cut in the opposite end of the box. This hole was an approximate 20 mm square centered about 30 mm inside the left corner of the box. The illuminating slit was cut next to the entrance slit about 120 mm wide and 6 mm high. A piece of graph paper was obtained and then marked at every fifth line with 5, 10, 15, etc. This piece of graph paper was then fitted over the illuminating slot and with black tape was secured in place. Then the whole box was taped shut using black electrical tape. Then 2 pieces of black tape were used to create a 1 mm entrance slit. Lastly, the diffraction grating was mounted over the sighting hole so that the spectrum observed consisted of all the colors on the graph paper. To make sure it was oriented correctly, the diffraction grating was held over the hole and the spectroscope was pointed toward light to make sure the spectrum was shown. Then with black electrical tape, the diffraction grating was secured in place. There were no other deviations from the given procedure. Results and Discussion
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exp6 - Experiment 6 Spectroscopy Fall 2007 Name TA Emily...

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