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Chapter 12 – Health, Safety and EAP’s 1. When OSHA compliance officers arrive for inspection: a. Unannounced b. Present credentials c. Confer with mgmt d. Search warrant label e. Look at posters 2. Rights to employees under OSHA: a. Not to be punished for refusing to work if unsafe b. Know about toxic chemicals “right to know” c. Sufficiently risk free workplace 3. Good company sponsored safety and health programs: a. Top management b. Establish responsibility for safety c. ID and correct causes of accidents d. Have strong training component, mgmt and employees e. Emergency materials on site f. Awareness g. Outline responsibilities
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Causes of employee stress: a. Extra organizational (home) b. Individual c. Group d. Organization 5. Principal method of stress reduction: diet, exercise, eliminate alcohol. Counseling. 6. Reasons for instituting employee assistance program – substance abuse is costly. 7. AIDS in hospitality is concern to food handling. 8. Primary components in an employee wellness program: a. Health screening and assessment b. Physical fitness c. Education and training 9. Dual career family problems: a. Caring for children and aging parents b. Family routines suffer...
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