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HR Chapter 10 - a Prohibits strikes of govt employees b...

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Chapter 10 1. Main provisions of the Wagner Act: -Gives employees power -Right to organize, strike, collective bargaining. -Requires bargaining to settle disputes. -Creates NLRB – regulates labor practices and enforcement. -outlines fair practices for EMPLOYERS 2.  Main provisions of Taft-Hartley Act: -Balances power. -Prohibits closed shops (union as precondition of employment) -outlaws feather bedding *** -Right to work laws -Establish unfair labor practices for UNIONS - Establishes national emergency impasse procedures 3. Main provision Landrum-Griffin Act:  Reporting.  Decrease corruption. a. Consultants hired to defeat union.  Must register in US dept labor. b. Bill of Rights of Union Members.*** c. Union election guidelines d. Union submit bylaws e. Allow dues 4. Main provisions Civil Service Reform Act:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Prohibits strikes of govt employees! b. Restricts bargaining issues! 5. PATCO strike fired by Reagan in 81 because govt employees not allowed to strike by Civil Service Reform Act. 6. Craft Unions: similarly skilled workers. Industrial unions: workers of an industry. 7. Percent of employees in a company that must sign authorization cards before union certification election can be called is 30%. 8. Steps in Union decertification: 30% represented must express interest in decertification. Petition filed with NLRB. 9. Activities to improve union image: a. Focus on service industries b. Support social issues c. Corporate campaigns d. Political involvement e. Salting (older members vouch for union)...
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