254 exam 1 2008 key - ACE/AFRST 254 Economic Systems in...

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ACE/AFRST 254 Economic Systems in Africa, Spring 2008 EXAM #1, 12:00 You have 50 minutes to complete this exam. There are 50 points possible on the exam, plus one bonus point. Write your answers on this sheet. If additional space is required, use the back of the page, being careful to indicate which question is being answered. NAME:____________________________ . 0) What is the currency of Benin? 1 bonus point CFA Franc (half a point for Franc) 1) Africa’s population grew rapidly in the post-colonial period. Was this due to declining crude death rates, rising crude birth rates, or both? 2 pts. Declining Crude Death Rates 2) Explain how a Rotating Savings and Credit Association (Rosca) operates? 4 points. A group of people meet at a fixed interval (eg. weekly or monthly). At each meeting each member contributes a fixed amount of money in a common fund (“pot”). At each meeting one member takes the fund. A rotation is completed when each member has taken the fund once. Through continued participation in a rotation of a Rosca, each member borrows the fund once and saves or repays at other meetings. (partial credit was given for describing something close to this.) 3) Indicate whether the following are true or false. 3 points a) Long distance trade was first introduced in Africa in the Colonial Period. FALSE b) Rainfall patterns are the same throughout Africa. TRUE c) Patriarchy is deeply rooted in Africa’s pre-colonial history. TRUE
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4) Describe one way in which Africa’s topography affects its agricultural options? 3 points. Africa has an undulating topography with many rolling hills, but few mountain ranges. This makes water control through large-scale irrigation systems very difficult, limiting agricultural options. Could also discuss problem of soil erosion associated with farming hill slopes. Note: Topography refers to the lay of the land (changes in elevation). A point was given for saying something about the physical environment that was accurate, but not related to topography. 5) Explain why reciprocity was a useful principle in pre-colonial, stateless societies in Africa. 4 points.
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254 exam 1 2008 key - ACE/AFRST 254 Economic Systems in...

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