PSYC Chapter 12 Notes

PSYC Chapter 12 Notes - Chapter 12: Gender and Human...

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Chapter 12: Gender and Human Sexuality Intro: David Reimer, AKA Bruce/Brenda, AKA John/Joan- while trying to be circumsized, his penis was removed. Dr. John Money said gender was moldable. He told them to reassign his gender. He reported this as a success. It was flawed. - Most of human functioning has a gendered cast. - Sex- biological status of being male or female - Intersex- difficult to tell of they are female or male - Genetically and hormonally determined - 2-5 months after conception is a critical period. If male fetuses are exposed to excessive estrogens, as a young child he is excessively feminine. - Gender Identity- internal sense of being male or female - Gender Role- social categories of male and female Theories of Gender Role Development 1. Money & Erhardt’s Biosocial Theory- interplay of biology and social experiences. a. Biology- born male or female b. Social factors- how people treat you c. Biology- (puberty) – looking more male or female 2. Social Learning theory- Bandura and Mischel. Gender role instruction is no different from any other kind of social learning. a. Direct tuition- AKA differential reinforcement- we are rewarded when we behave in gender appropriate way b. Observational learning 3. Cognitive-Developmental Theory a. Children have to reach a level where they form a gender identity b. Actively socialize themselves 4. Gender Schema Theory- networks of gender information that color perceptions/shape behaviors 5. Evolutionary Approach- natural selection and adaptation as major determinants of social behavior Masculinity, Femininity, and Androgyny- 1. Masculinity- instrumental roles- taking charge, standing up for themselves, etc a. Three ways adolescent boys get into gangs i. They can be jumped in-shows strength ii. They can show fearlessness in some deed (killing someone) iii. They can engage in a callous sex act (gang rape) 2. Femininity- expressive roles-taking care of others, being kind and nurturing
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PSYC Chapter 12 Notes - Chapter 12: Gender and Human...

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