CMST Chapter 8

CMST Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Model of relational...

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Chapter 8 Model of relational development (Knapp, 1978) 10 stages relationships may go through as they begin and end 1. Initiating – expresses interest in interaction Very formulaic, nothing too personal Friendly gestures, expressions Interaction not just verbal, very much nonverbal as well 2. Experimenting – getting to know each other Characterized by “small talk” Finding out if we’re interested in pursuing relationship The goal is uncertainly reduction 3. Intensifying – increase amount of time spent together Expressions of feelings Tokens of affection Flirting “Fireworks” stage Doesn’t last forever 4. Integrating – start to become “a couple” Social circles may integrate Reworking schedules to spend time together May form shared identities 5. Bonding – relationship becomes committed May get married
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Move in together Relationship becomes socially official, maybe even legally official 6. Differentiating – individual differences start to show
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  • Dialectic, Relational dialectics, balance spending time, Certainty/Uncertainty Couples balance, Little interaction Relationship

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CMST Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Model of relational...

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