Study Guide 3 - Chapter 14: Media Planning I. Understand...

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Chapter 14: Media Planning I. Understand the media planning process and what is involved Things included in media plan: strategies, objectives, media choices and media schedule. o **Finding the right audience and aperture. Media Strategies: Message weight, reach, frequency, continuity and audience duplication II. Know and learn the basic terminology Media Plan- the media in which ads will be placed to reach the desired tgt. Mrkt. Media Class- broad category of media Media vehicle-particular option for placement. Specific publication, channel, mag, etc. Media Mix- Blend of different media that will be used to reach the trgt. Audience. Single-Source tracking services- Nielson and Behavior Scan that offer information not just on demographics but also on brands, purchase size, frequency, prices paid and media exposure. Geo-targeting-placement of ads in geo. Regions where higher purchase tendencies for a brand are evident. Message Weight- total mass of advertising delivered. Gross # of advertising messages or exposure opportunities delivered by the vehicles in a schedule. o Incdicates size of advertising effort being placed against a specific market. o Expressed in terms of Gross Impressions: sum of exposures to the entire media placement in a media plan. o GI: 2 types of exposure. 1. Potential ad impressions or opportunities 2. Message impressions. Both are obtained through Nielson, simmons, gallup, etc. o Between-Vehicle Duplication: exposure to the same advertisement in different media. o Within-Vehicle Duplication: exposure to the same advertisement in the same media at different times o GI Formula=RxF=ReachxFrequency o Reach= the # or percent of DIFFERENT homes or persons exposed at least once to an ad schedule over a period of time
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Formula: # of ppl in Trgt. Audience exposed/Population of that audience. Multiplied by 100 Other formula: GRP/FREQUENCY o Frequency= # of times that the avg. household or person is exposed to the schedule. Formula: GRP/REACH I would be sure that I understood the APPLICATION and not just the definition of each term. Do not try to memorize but be sure that you understand the distinctions in the terms III. What are Media Objectives? 1. Find right Target Audience aperture- finding audience at right time 2. Geographic Scope 3. Message Weight- sum of gross impressions, impact of exposure IV. Know the decisions that are involved with finding the right audience A. Secondary research sources used A.C. Nielsen’s Home*Scan Info. Resources’ Behavior Scan Arbitron(radio), Mediamark Research(product usage), Simmons Market Research Burea (demographic/brand strenth). *show brand strength NOT JUST demographics Pg. 496 Columns C and D=Simmons and Mediamark Brand strength and heavy users. b. main goal of media planning- reach the right trgt. Audience at the right time
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Study Guide 3 - Chapter 14: Media Planning I. Understand...

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