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Concept Testing Analysis for Versagetti 1. I would recommend the introduction of Versagetti into the marketplace based on the outcome of the concept test. First and foremost, I would recommend introducing Versagetti into the marketplace because of the high purchase intent of consumers, es- pecially among current category users. According to table 21.3-G, an overwhelming 76% of category users are very likely to purchase Versagetti. While a slightly less but still impressive 40% of the total sample population was very likely to purchase Versagetti, only a mere 10% showed no purchase intent at all. This leaves 90% of the sample population as potential consumers. 2. I would recommend that Versagetti is targeted towards both groups simultaneously, but with a very drastic emphasis towards current category users. I believe that if it is feasible and cost-effective to target both, it is important to target the category nonusers as well even though the potential market is small. However, most effort, if not all,
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