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Chris Marves Argument Against the Somatic Theory Based on the Case of Julia North Present If the Somatic Theory (ST) is true then Julia North is not the same person as the person who looks like Mary Francis, the mother that leaves the hospital after the operation. The person who leaves the hospital after the operation who looks like Mary Francis is identical to Julia North. Therefore, (ST) is false. Explain Somatic Theory - Person X at time T1 is identical to person Y at time T2 if and only if X at T1 is the same living organism as Y at T2. Story Of Julia North
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Unformatted text preview: Julia North was run over by a streetcar while saving a young child on the tracks. The childs mother, Mary Francis, had a stroke while watching this occur. The body of the mother and the brain of Julia North, which were both still healthy, were transported to a hospital. At the hospital the brain of Julia North and the body of Mary Francis were combined to form one functional human being. Evaluate The argument is valid and of the form Modus Tollens (MT). The argument is sound because it is valid and all its premises are true....
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