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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING EE 241 Applied Linear Algebra for Engineering Instructor : Dr. M. Shiva Phone: (714) 278-3023 USC: (213) 740-2221 Office : EEB 102 e-mail: [email protected] Text : Introductory Linear Algebra by: B. Kolman & D. Hill, 8th Ed. ** My Notes Additional references: Recommended : Introduction to Scientific Computing (on MATLAB) by: C. F. Van Loan Prerequisites : Math 125 (Calculus), EE 100 or equivalent Week Subject Text pages & Homeworks 1 Linear Equations and Matrices Chapter 1 Linear systems, method of elimination 1-34 Matrices: addition, transpose, and product. HW 1 2 Matrix form of a linear system of equations. 39-78 Solving a linear system of equations. HW 2 Reduced row echelon form, Gauss-Jordan method Homogeneous systems. 3 Application examples. Polynomial Interpolation 91-100 example. Inverse of a matrix & related theorems HW 3 and applications. 182-185 (Skip Chapter 2) Determinants. Permutations. Chapter 3 4 Properties of determinant. Geometric significance of 185-206 determinant. Expansion in cofactors. Inverse of a
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