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HIST 2111 NOTES- CH. 12 - 6 Why did the existence of a...

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CONSIDERATIONS 1. Observations on the unique experiences of slave women Some slave women were taught to read and write, regardless of the laws that forbid it. Another experience was the some slave women were “cursed” with beauty and soon became the object of the master’s eye—and later bear his children. 2. How did westward expansion intensify the national debate over slavery? 3. Why didn’t the South benefit more from the extreme wealth produced by cotton culture? 4. How did the economic power produced by cotton production translate into political power? The economic power of cotton production and slave labor led to political opportunities, such as governor and president. 5. How did the North benefit from the cotton economy?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Why did the existence of a slave labor system cause free laborers in the North to feel threatened? One reason free laborers in the North felt threatened was because of the Missouri Compromise, which designated which states allowed or prohibited slavery. Secondly, they felt threatened because they [the Northerners] felt there was no way free labor and slave labor could co-exist. Thirdly, free laborers in the North felt threatened because of the Fugitive Slave Law, which stated that a slave could be accused of being a fugitive and they would have no “leg to stand on”. Another reason why they felt threatened was because of the Dred Scott case....
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