ENGL 1101- ESSAY #3 RD3

ENGL 1101- ESSAY #3 RD3 - understand why; but she told me...

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Horne Krystal Horne Essay #3 ENGL 1101-30 Prof. Katie Chaple-Borton 19 April 2008 Growing up, I have always been close to my grandmother. She has always been a big influence in my life and some of the things I do. Sometimes I think that I was almost an exact duplicate of her. She and I both shared a love for nature, reading, and adventure. Sometimes she would buy these paintings and she would always say something hilarious like, “It’s a special piece” or “It’s an antique” among other things. On my 21 st birthday, she surprised me and gave me a subtle painting of a lighthouse. At first, I didn’t really
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Unformatted text preview: understand why; but she told me the reason she bought it for me was because Im always searching. According to her, ever since I was little, I was and am always on a quest; searching for something, someone, or searching for something about myself. In Steven Spielbergs, Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark , the Ark of the Covenant and the costumesparticularly Indiana Jones, serve as signs and reflect the theme of quest, exposes a duel identity in Indiana Jones, and reveals shifts from bravery to cowardice as well as fame to humanity. Indiana Jones is a man whose duel identity is defined by his occupation(s). 1...
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