HIST 2111- CH. 14 NOTES- 4.22.08

HIST 2111- CH. 14 NOTES- 4.22.08 - CHAPTER 14 The Civil War...

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CHAPTER 14: The Civil War HIST 2111 4.22.08 I. Major Themes Secession of the Southern states and the Northern response How the North and South mobilized for war How the North won the war II. The Civil War Dec. 1860- SC formally withdrew from the Union (6 other states including GA followed suit later) Southerners used the Constitution (slaves were property) to justify their secession from the Union Abraham Lincoln viewed the secession movement a rebellion Battle at Fort Sumter initiates the Civil War North had greater advantage than the South--could manufacture its own material, had better transportation system, more railroad track, etc. Advantage for the South—War was fought on their land South believed France and England would assist them North--Consisted of only 16,000 troops but would have over 2 million serve/volunteer throughout the war Lincoln is famous for violating a lot of the Constitution, like jailing people for protesters, suspended
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