test bovary fathers and sons

test bovary fathers and sons - 1. A contrast occurs in...

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A contrast occurs in Madame Bovary in what people mean, and what they say. For example, Rodolphe lies about how much he loves Emma, when he will later desert her. Another contrast is that Emma lets on that she would be happy, if she had pretty things and went to balls. However, the reality is that the closer and closer she gets to 2. Emma feels boxed in by her life. She thinks that Charles and her lack of money are holding her back. I think that she feels this way more than others because she fantasized that her life would be perfect, romantic, and elegant. But time after time, when her life fails to match up to the literature she reads, she falls into depression. The reason that Emma feels so boxed in is because she holds her life up to an unattainable standard of fantasy. 3. Even as soon as Emma’s honeymoon in Tostes Emma is disappointed not to be in Switzerland, and finds Charles dull even this early in the relationship. After the honeymoon Emma tries to identify herself as a married woman by subscribing to ladies magazines, depicting high the high society of Paris. She attempted to take up hobbies such as embroidering, but she eventually loses interest. After feeling as if she had to live up to the upper class, she feels unhappy and sinks into a depression. Eventually Charles puts Emma in charge of the family’s finances to give her something to do. At first, Emma takes this on very well, but eventually Monsieur Lheureux tempts her into debt with luxuries that she cannot afford, but buys on credit anyways. 4. Realism is a disposition to face facts and deal with them practically. In Fathers and Sons , this thought is brought up by Bazarov’s nihilistic approach to life and his thinking. In Madame Bovary , Monsieur Homais fills the role of the realist in the novel. Homais is a superficial, worldly man who helped Charles become a known doctor in the
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test bovary fathers and sons - 1. A contrast occurs in...

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