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eng essay 2 final - Mrigender Virk Eng Comp 2 Prof Shaffer...

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Mrigender Virk Virk 1 10-20-04 Eng Comp 2 Prof. Shaffer A Perfect Body They can be found walking across the television screen during a commercial. They have the most beautiful trimmed and sculpted bodies. And it doesn’t even look like they are making an effort to keep themselves so fit. These are the models for Bowflex, the home gym that is always being modified and upgraded and seems to be the perfect machine. Bowflex creates commercials for all types of buyers and easily manipulates the minds of those who are disappointed in their bodies by concentrating on the useless values of society such as being powerful, slim, and sexy. The ads for this rapidly growing product always have those gorgeous models who are demonstrating what their machine can do for you. Sometimes the first thing you will see in a commercial is a few females who don’t have a percent of body fat on them and a few males who have muscles coming out of every part of their body. This is what analysts will call the attention getter because even if you were never concerned with your body, seeing these people on TV tends to have some sort of an effect. Then the company will try to pull you into the screen by asking questions such as “are you tired of your flabby belly?” or “Do you want to look like this?” They leave you staring and nodding your head for a little while before they finally reveal what they have to offer. When the Bowflex comes on the screen, you become interested in its fresh and complex design. It’s a new product and there’s nothing quite like it and that fact alone attracts a strong percentage of consumers. Some people begin to lose interest in this part of the commercial because they realize that it is a weight machine and not some miracle
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Virk 2 pill, but still many viewers are interested in what the product can do. Next comes a demonstration by one of the models seen at the beginning of the commercial. They lie down on the workout board and smoothly execute a few repetitions of a common exercise
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eng essay 2 final - Mrigender Virk Eng Comp 2 Prof Shaffer...

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