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Mrigender Virk Professor Shaffer English Comp 2 24 November 2004 Network Outline I. Intro A. Get attention with a question or fact 1. explain story or expand on attention getter B. Thesis 1. television has negative effect on behavior through consumer culture and hype II.Businnesses A. They run our lives B. Howard’s television episode C. Talk with Mr. Jensen D. How we are run by consumerism III. Consumerism A. What we value in our lives B. Our minds are accustomed to listening to the tube 1. we can’t be changed
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Human behavior A. How we act in society B. Lost sense of reality and imagination C. Following television series V. Our emotions A. change in feelings after introduction of TV B. modern day loss of emotions C. Difference between older generation and TV era VI. Problems in society A. Violence B. Drugs and suicide C. Why it has become acceptable VII. Conclusion A. restate thesis B. Provide answer: watch less television C. How we can get away from corruption...
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