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eng essay 1 outline - 1a unequal comparison III Reason for...

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Mrigender Virk 10-11-04 Eng Comp 2 Prof. Shaffer Hyped product outline I. Intro A. Dream sequence about cars 1. Television commercials 2. BMW and other car companies B. Seeing the object in real life 1. Desire for object and feelings on being able to have it 2. Finally buying the car II. Hyping the car A. Commercial type 1 1. How far companies will go to seduce consumers 1a. professional driver 1b. rented roads 1c. high performance parts 2. Misunderstanding in pricing 2a. consumer’s view 2b. companies actual meaning B. Commercial type 2 1. Comparing products between companies
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Unformatted text preview: 1a. unequal comparison III. Reason for buying Car A. Showing superiority 1. Father’s friend buys new car B. Need of a new car IV. After effects A. Watching the commercials after having bought the car 1. Noticing new details 2. Price difference with options V. Learning from the Experience A. Buying another car in the future 1. Researching other companies B. Amount of satisfaction 1. Reviewing the reasons for buying the car 1a. a show car 1b. a performance car...
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