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The wars of Sri Lanka, between the government, the Buddhists, and Hindus left many dead and others wounded and in need of care. These bodies, whether dead or alive required the specific attention of either man or woman. While human life and their bodies symbolize oppression and tyranny, the book mainly uses them to show the nature of men and women and their respective responses to death and the war. Anil comments on the differences between men and women and the ways they handle many situations in the book. In Anil’s forensic labs “she made it a point to distinguish female and male traits as clearly as possible. She witnessed how women were much more easily discombobulated by the personal slights of a lover or husband; but they were better at dealing with calamity in professional work than men” (137). The story gives us glimpses into many male and female lives and Anil’s statement sometimes seems false but in the end this proclamation hold true.
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