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HIS 102 Spring 2005 Teaching Assistants: Shahnaz Naeem Christopher Pugliese Randy Hanson MID-TERM GUIDE Your Mid-Term examination will cover Chapters 17 through 23 of the Faragher text, our documents and other readings, and class discussions. It will consist of answering two essay questions, each worth 50 points. You should plan to spend the entire hour and 15 minutes of class time writing your exam. Quest for Power and Progress- Essay Questions Your exam will consist of responding to two of the following questions. You will respond with a formal essay that begins with an introduction, offers a thesis that you develop and defend in an organized, clear, and logical fashion, and ends with a conclusion. I will choose the two questions that appear on your mid-term examination. Your essay should not merely describe or narrate the history the question covers. You must take a stand on or make an argument in response to the question posed. You need to support what you argue with references to the material covered in class. You will be graded on how well you integrate into your answer the text and other readings as well as the material from class lectures. The questions:
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HIS102Spr2005MidtermGuide - HIS 102 Spring 2005 Teaching...

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