bio lab 1 - Mrigender Virk ( Mark Duncan...

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Mrigender Virk ( Mark Duncan ( Biophysics 1L Lab 1B Experiment: 10-6-04 Due: 10-13-04 Measurement Errors and Error Propagation
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1/4 Summary Our lab densities range from a low of 8.3 to a high of 9.3. We are unable to determine the exact metal that each cylinder is but we can estimate the nearest densities. Cylinder 11 was nearest to the density of copper but the discrepancy is too high to be sure of that. Cylinder 12 was very close to the density of cobalt; we measured its density to be 8.83 and the true value of cobalt is 8.80. Cylinder 13 fell directly in between the densities of bronze and brass. Cylinder 14 also exactly had the density for cobalt so we can’t be sure which of the two cylinders is the correct match. Cylinder 15 had a density of 9.3 which is not significantly close to any of the published densities but we can conclude that it is within the range of cobalt to molybdenum. In measuring these densities the small errors in measurements and larger human error could have
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bio lab 1 - Mrigender Virk ( Mark Duncan...

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