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Mrigender Singh Virk June 8, 2005 Linguistics Lec 1 Discussion 1C Term Paper Punjabi vs. English 1. Introduction The two languages I will be comparing are Punjabi, my native language, and English, the second language I acquired in life. A few months after I was born in Toronto, Canada I was sent to live with my grandparents in India while my parents were working. There, I learned how to speak basic Punjabi from the time I arrived until I was about 2 years old, when I returned to Toronto. Punjabi continued to grow on me because it was the primary language my family used inside the home but upon returning I also started to learn English because my parents were aware that it would be the main language used in my education. Once I entered school at the age of four English began to take over as the language I would learn with proper grammar. I continued to learn Punjabi in first and second grade but never fully understood sentence structure and correct composition of the language. After second grade my family moved to California and from then on English would be the dominant language in school and Punjabi would only be used at home or around family. My family goes to India every few years for months at a time so even though Punjabi hasn’t been as important in my life lately I still have not lost the ability to speak fluently. Throughout middle school and high school I have learned English grammar in depth and it has almost become my primary language. For example, I
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studied Spanish in high school for four years and I used English as the bridge language not Punjabi because I can break down and use English more easily. 2. Comparison of Sounds Punjabi contains 35 letters, nine vowels and an additional five modifiers. This makes for many additional sounds in comparison to English but one key difference in Punjabi is the ability to join any consonants back to back unlike in English. This creates
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lingessay - Mrigender Singh Virk June 8 2005 Linguistics...

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