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Mrigender Virk 4 December 2004 Professor Shaffer English Comp 2 Waste of Time The majority of programs that are aired on television are useless. I rarely waste my time watching TV because whenever I do watch something it entertains for the segment it is on but afterwards it feels like I threw away that half hour or hour of my life. There are so many other ways I would rather spend my time such as getting all my homework done, going to the gym, or talking to my friends. There are a few things though that I consider worthwhile programming. Some educational shows on National Geographic or TLC are very entertaining and informing at the same time. I enjoy watching these types of shows sometimes and also some sports shows. I play a lot of basketball and soccer so whenever there is a game on TV I like to use them as a source of
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Unformatted text preview: learning and of course the fun of watching the competition. Besides these few parts of television, which probably make up less than five percent of all shows, we could live without a television. I can’t recall too many shows that I have seen that have ever helped me in school, improved my life, or given me any other sort of advantage. I like to think that’s most things I do will work into one of those categories and Television rarely does. In fact, if anything, whatever TV I do watch sometimes drains my mind. When watching TV we are exposed to the norms of our culture and the more we become involved in certain programs the more we lose our sense of reality. Without TV we can learn to think for ourselves and hopefully improve the values that our society hold highest....
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