eng essay 1 final

eng essay 1 final - Mrigender Virk 10-9-04 Eng Comp 2 Prof....

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Mrigender Virk Virk 1 10-9-04 Eng Comp 2 Prof. Shaffer Dream Car A blue streak quickly moves across the road. It hits a winding turn barely releasing the accelerator. The metallic beauty hugs the road as it comes out of the turn and maneuvers into the next one. It suddenly brakes to a stop revealing a newly modeled car and its doors open to show a breathtaking view of engineering and design. Smooth cuts and curves along the outer body and extensive detailing on the interior. A very common dream by many people, or at least most males, is to be speeding down a winding road without a car in sight in a new BMW that sticks to the road as if it were a track. This dream sequence is brought to life on television in most car ads and in every ad for BMW. This company sparked my interest in cars and slowly I learned about all the specifications and details of their automobiles. BMW will find every way possible to hype their cars by installing the most expensive performance parts and hiring the greatest race car drivers to record a commercial that lasts maybe a minute. Miles of scenic highways are rented out and closed for hours or days to make these videos. Then at the end of most of these commercials, the ad designers will put up the price for the car you want to buy. But what the viewer is thinking is completely different from what the company is saying. For the specified price, the viewer wants everything they saw on TV but what the company puts
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This note was uploaded on 05/02/2008 for the course LIFESCI ls 2 eng 3 taught by Professor All during the Spring '04 term at UCLA.

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eng essay 1 final - Mrigender Virk 10-9-04 Eng Comp 2 Prof....

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