network summary - consumers. Everyone realized the problems...

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Mrigender Virk Professor Shaffer Eng Comp 2 22 November 2004 Network Summary After watching the entire film a lot of the subplots and the entire story connected and came together well. What Howard Beale was trying to say to all the viewers is exactly what some people need to know. We sometimes just need to shut off our televisions and do something more productive. It was a bit ironic that the message Howard was sending was through the TV. Howard’s sermons were actually just another consumerism tool. He was being used to get people to believe that they were getting the truth about everything and the real solution to their cultural problems. What they actually received were well scripted monologues that drove the society but were put together just to get them to turn their TVs on and switch to a certain channel. In the end, all this was put together by a large company aimed at making money through all the viewers or
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Unformatted text preview: consumers. Everyone realized the problems that we are having in our culture and communities but still they were given no solution. They were staring into the tube like machines, just as they expected to, and did everything they were told. They knew their individuality was gone but by joining in with the 40 million around the nation to go with Howard Beale they werent making any progress. Network also showed a very important difference between Max and Diana. They are in a relationship but from two generations and we could tell what affects the present era had had on Diana. I was very surprised with the ending. I never thought that he would actually be killed and it stopped so suddenly. What effect has television had on Human Behavior? How does consumer culture run our lives? How do hype and hyperreality on TV change our minds?...
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network summary - consumers. Everyone realized the problems...

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