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LAB 1 PRACTICAL Chapter 1 Accuracy of volumetric measuring devices: second number (ex. 1/10) Meniscus- the curved upper surface of a liquid column Chapter 2 Parts of a compound microscope and dissecting microscope Immersion oil- used only at high magnification to provide greater resolution and clarity and to receive the highest possible resolving power of the microscope. Red Blood Cells o Non-mammalian- Definite nucleus: provides dark center to cell o Mammalian- Solid color, center indentation, no nucleus. Chapter 4 Conditions for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium: o No mutations of alleles o Random mating o Large population o Isolated population (no immigration or emigration) o No natural selection Hardy-Weinberg Equations o p^2 + 2pq + q^2, p + q = 1 o squared= phenotype frequency, not squared=allele frequency Population- A group of individuals of the same species living in the same geographical area that interbreeds more or less freely. Gene Pool- The sum of alleles of all the members of the population. Natural Selection- The differential reproduction of individuals with different phenotypes and genotypes. Negative Eugenics- Voluntary selection against a harmful allele. Recessively inherited diseases o Cystic fibrosis, Albinism, PKU, sickle-cell, tay-sachs Chapter 5 Innate Behavior- inborn or hereditary (ex. Perfect bird nest, mating behavior) Learned Behavior- occurs as a result of an individual organism’s experiences (ex. trial-and-error, insight (ex. imprinting with geese)
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LAB_1_PRACTICAL_studyg - LAB 1 PRACTICAL Chapter 1 Accuracy...

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