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Virk 1 Mrigender Virk Professor Shaffer English Comp 2 14 November 2004 Can People Be Objects? Kobe Bryant steals the ball from the offender and takes it down the court with no one behind him. He jumps from the free throw line and starts an amazing spin in the air. After all that hang time Kobe finally throws down a powerful dunk that hurts the opposition. The other team calls for a timeout to reorganize; Kobe walks over to the bench and finishes off his half empty bottle of Sprite. He lets out a deep breath of relief and gets back on the court to continue his domination. Is this clip from a commercial a promotion for Sprite or a publicizing of Kobe Bryant? From the viewers’ perspective, it could be both and that is why both the soda company and the athlete make so much money off of it. Although there are differences in the promotion of products and the publicizing of celebrities the general approach and practices are very similar. Company products and celebrities both work for media exposure, diversify their appearance, give out samples, and attack the desires of our culture such as physical attraction and athleticism. There are some differences that are clear between the promotion of athletes and drinks. The main contrast occurs because athletes and celebrities are people and can be promote themselves. Drinks are mostly seen on TV or wherever they are posted up on walls. Athletes like Lebron James must attend events besides their games such as premieres, press conferences, and charity events. Doing things like this build their Virk 2 character and personality that is fed to the public through the media. NBA players are usually seen on the Reading for Children commercials, which very few of them actually enjoy. This is necessary for them to build a reputation among fans and the entire public eye so that other companies will want to put them on commercials. Actors must also keep under control and build their character in front of media because “in an era of profound cultural and social transformation, movie stars became not only entertainers but
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eng essay 3 - Virk 1 Mrigender Virk Professor Shaffer...

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