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Scene selection - People also live their lives according to...

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Scene selection When Mr. Jensen wants to see Howard Beale and they are talking in the conference room. Mr. Jensen explains how the businesses work and how there is no government anymore. -This ties in with consumer culture and how our lives are run. The national government is not as important anymore as multinational corporations. In one of Howard Beale’s sermons on TV he begins talking directly to the people and telling them how they have become lost in the television and its reality. -Shows societies loss of sense of imagination and reality. People have become to mixed in reality shows and series and start to make them into real situations.
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Unformatted text preview: People also live their lives according to TV. Dressing, eating, living just like the people they see in the tube. Max at Diana’s house near the end of the film. He tries to give her one more chance but she does not know how to respond.-People in the television era have lost many strong emotions. They do not know how to express love, joy, or pain. Our lives and feelings are built according to shows on TV. Diana does not know how to show she loves Max and he knows that she is incapable of having any feelings....
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