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essay 2 portfolio

essay 2 portfolio - Basically I started with very specific...

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Mrigender Virk 11-03-04 Prof. Shaffer Essay 2 Portfolio Essay 1 The most challenging aspect of writing the first essay was organizing all my ideas into a readable form. I had a lot of ideas from the brainstorming but all the topics were in random order. Writing an outline after writing my intro and thesis was a good way to resolve this problem. With the outline I was able to organize the essay almost down to the exact sentence. Revising the draft was not too long of a process for the first essay because I already had a well made draft to work with. The first thing I did was I went through the entire essay correcting all the minor errors such as punctuation, word choice, and passive voice. After this I tried to fix all the sentences that were awkward or too long. Then I went on to the bigger picture and looked at the organization of paragraphs and sentences.
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Unformatted text preview: Basically, I started with very specific errors and then I slowly went more general. Essay 2 There was a lot of information to deal with in the second essay and so the toughest part of writing it was integrating the two subjects of promotion and cultural values. In my original draft there wasn’t much flow between sentences and paragraphs and a lot of these parts had to be moved around. It was also a challenge to properly incorporate quotes from some of the readings. Revising the second draft was a long process and was almost as long as writing the essay from scratch. This time I started by rearranging the sentences in each paragraph so there would be more flow in reading. Then I went on to correct all the little details. I also had to add quotes to the essay which was my final step in the process....
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essay 2 portfolio - Basically I started with very specific...

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