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As I listened to the bass that reverberated from my friends head phones as he scrolled on a college application. I wondered if higher education would be this mundane, filled with useless down time in the middle of the day only condoned under the title study hall. I wondered if time would pass by this slowly there, or if I would care more about my academics. At this point even getting into a college proved to be tiring, soon after will fallow the endless possibilities of applying for scholarships, then graduation. “Come with me to my locker” broke my train of though. Jane was hovering over me, as a stared into the abyss that was the dusty chock board. I looked blankly at her. “Sure…” I responded slowly. At which point we stood up to ask the permission of the teacher, I do not know what you should call people whom over look study halls, because they certainly do not teach anything. Nevertheless, we walked over to her, and spoke very fast about going to are lockers, because she was from some foreign place I did
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