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As the dust blew through the air over the Plains I looked out my window and saw a birds nest. As I looked, I saw two babies’ birds peeking their little heads out over the edge of the nest. The day was clear and the birds were full of life. When the mother bird came back she brought her little squawking children some food, which she gave them by spitting it into their mouths in what I thought was a terribly obscene way. I walked away then, with the thought of the birds still in my head, how the mother gave them food like my own had, because I was not able to get food on my own. Some time passed, and I could not help but go back to the window and watch the birds. Time passed and the birds got a little bigger, and the mother kept bringing them
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Unformatted text preview: food, until one day I saw the mother bird pushing her children out of the nest. All this time that she had fed them, nurtured, cared for them she was just about to throw away. I saw her push the little helpless bird out. “Is it big enough to fly?” I asked myself. Suddenly the baby bird lost whatever hold he had on the nest and started to plummet towards the earth. All I could wonder is how a mother could love their children, feed them, and look after them, just to see their child falling towards the ground to let is soft head squish into the ground with a splat. However, this did not happen, the bird only fell for a short time, and then flew. I guess some times you have to be pushed to achieve great things like flying....
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